Parent Resources

Here are a number of resources that we think will be helpful to parents. Many of them are developed by Common Sense Media – and can provide an excellent basis for discussion with your child. You may even add or modify to suit your own needs.

Family Media Agreement¬†use this form to have a discussion with your children about appropriate use of digital technology. There is also space there where you might like to add your own conditions to the agreement. Perhaps you’d like to encourage them to consider their actions from a Christian perspective, and to build a digital footprint that is a pleasing ‘spiritual footprint’? There are 3 different agreements in this pdf, one for K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Choose the one that you think best reflects the level of maturity your child approaches digital media with.

About the Author

Dave is passionate about the use of technology in education, and helping students to develop a biblical understanding of digital technology. Dave is currently teaching at Covenant Christian School.