So, what is Digital Discipleship?

How does technology fit with the scriptures?

Digital Discipleship was born from the desire to help students think more about the way they use technology. We wanted to take all of the good things that are being done with the concepts of digital citizenship and digital footprint and expand on them from a biblical perspective.

A range of resources were developed and modified for completion by year 10 students before they were issued with a school owned notebook computer. While this was a good start to the concept of digital discipleship in schools, it was just a start. In reality, it is too easy for students to simply ‘jump through the hoops’ and do what needs to be done in order to satisfy requirements, without truly engaging with the material. What is really needed is a unified, school-wide approach to the concept of digital discipleship so that it becomes almost akin to chinese water torture.

From the moment they engage with technology in a school environment, to the moment they leave, they should be continually reminded and prompted about the biblical framework in which this digital technology is held. Slowly but surely growing in their understanding of technology… its strengths and weaknesses, positives and pitfalls, opportunities and dangers.

We hope that this website / blog will be a place of reference for students, teachers and parents alike – as we all struggle to be faithful to God’s word as we engage with digital technology… as Digital Disciples.

About the Author

Dave is passionate about the use of technology in education, and helping students to develop a biblical understanding of digital technology. Dave is currently teaching at Covenant Christian School.