Marketing of Brand Me

Where do you find your value?

Why are you posting that image on facebook?

What is your motivation for sharing that tweet?
As Christians who engage in social media, we ought to consider what our motivation is for doing the things that we do on the internet. Given we can now connect so easily with other people, indeed the whole world could be our audience, there is a very real risk of becoming narcissistic. This ‘look at me, look at me’ attitude – that of vigorous self-promotion was recently discussed by Hugh Mackay in an opinion piece in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Whilst this piece is not written from a distinctly Christian point of view, we should consider how we each respond to this. Are we finding our value in who we are in Christ? We would love to hear your thoughts.

>>Article: The Marketing of Brand Me

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Dave is passionate about the use of technology in education, and helping students to develop a biblical understanding of digital technology. Dave is currently teaching at Covenant Christian School.