Chinese Students given IV Drip

It has recently been uncovered that (at least in one) Chinese school(s) have been ‘feeding’ students a blend of amino acids via an intravenous drip in order to assist them to remain focused for long periods of study.

You can also read more about it here on the CBN News website.

Once I got over the initial amazement and stopped shaking my head, I started to wonder… what’s our drip? What do I, and what do we in western education systems in the early 21st century give our students to “help students prepare for exams”… or beyond?

Chinese students given amino acids via intravenous drip

Is it extra tutoring? Is it technology? Is it exercise? None of these things in themselves are bad of course, but the danger comes when we make idols of them. Do we trust these things to help our students get better results so that they can then ‘succeed’? Whatever that might mean. Are we putting our faith in these ‘drips’ rather than putting our faith in the One who sustains and gives life?

Idolatry of technology is a very real danger – particularly for those of us who like technology, and can see the potential benefits it can bring in the classroom environment. We must carefully discern appropriate usage of any new technologies as digital disciples, guarding against the temptation of viewing the technology itself as the ‘salvation’ of a lost education system.

>> Article: CBN News – Chinese Students given IV Drip


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